I started to think about an ecologic, economic, sustainable house a few years ago.
I wanted to give to people the ability to build their own shelter for as cheap as possible but also let them remain in legality, as here in Belgium, you are not allowed to build whatever you want, it needs to respect urbanistic rules.
That is how I found the containers and their very low cost in comparison to normal buildings.

So we drew plans for a house of about 100m², where a familly of 4 would feel confortable for less than 150K€ which is at least twice cheaper than for a regular house of same size. For non belgians, the price might seem high, but you need to know that we have very strict legislations and obligations.

Somes journalists heard about the project, they liked it much as they published articles about it in the main medias


As I wanted the price to remain as low as possible I had to find recycled materials, which is also good for the sustainability as you do not need to produce new materials.
To reduce energy costs, we will build it partially underground and cover the house with a layer of topsoil.
It also permits to integrate the structure in the nature.


The main goal is of course to build my family shelter, but also to share the plans, methods and everyting related to the project, allowing other people to copy the concept and also have their opportunity to build their shelter at low cost.

So, making this project a reality would not only save my family, but could help many other families too.


We found both an architect and a builder. They understand the concept and our will.
They helped us to bring everything together.
Vincent Sainlez is the artchitect and Charles Cleppe is the builder.

When the communal employees saw the finalized project, they literally jumped and signed the papers. They were eager to see it coming in their city.

Why do we need help

When we started the project we were normal citizens with a job, but as you know, nowadays a job is not as trustable as it was in the 90's... And yes, we lost our job, both of us.
Before we lost them, we were able to pay the land (20m*100m), we paid the architect and paid a provision to the builder.
But we are not successful with the banks, they closed their doors to us.
We are now in the situation where with more than 30K€ invested in legal stuffs ( land + certificates + permits + etc...), we have nothing but some piece of papers.

The builder wants to help us, so he makes efforts to keep the price as low as possible, but we need cash desperately if we want to save the project

How can you help

There are several ways to help the project :

  • Talk about it around you and on your social networks, you maybe know someone who knows someone willing to help.
  • Donate to our project
  • Vote our posts as everything counts

/!\ Some asked if delegations would help: we can't figure out how it could help, if you have ideas, feel free to contact us

We believe in our project, and we believe in the community, thank you for your help.

Donations can be sent toindex.php/bastion-token/getting-bastion-tokens

FIAT : Dedicated bank account : IBAN: BE61 0836 9657 7817 BIC: GKCCBEBB (Belfius Bank, Belgium (Europe))

PAYPAL : https://www.paypal.me/Lordolivier

You can also donate with crypto currencies
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There is another way to help our project, the BASTION TOKENS, those were created on a blockchain for it's immutability.
The tokens allows you to lend us some money, not a donation, and we buy them back ( refunding you) when the project is done.
Get more information about the token with the BASTION token dedicated menu.