We created a Token, named BASTION.
100.000.000 Tokens were created to be sure to have enough to fund the project.
All sold tokens, after the sale and maintenance phase, will be Bought-back at 0.01€.

The goal of the token is to fund the building of @Lebastion.

Once the house is built, the token will lose it's base goal.
From that point, Lebastion Owners will allocate monthly funds to buy back existing coins at his original cost : 0.01€
As if paying a rent or refunding a classical bank lease.
Warning : There are no limitation in time for the buy back period, we shall re-buy as much as we can monthly, until each and every token is bought-back.

Where comes the money from for the buy-back?

The fund raise will pay the house completely, leaving us without any rent or bank lease.
We promise to refund the equivalent of a rent monthly, even more if we have additional revenues.
As our goal will be to buy back the tokens as fast as possible.

It's a modern way to help a family to get his house.

How to purchase the tokens ?

We are using Waves Platform, read this page to know how to buy our token.

Thank you

Lebastion wants to thank you who chose to be one of our investors, we shall do our best to buy back the coins as soon as we can and as much as we can per month as promised.
This article is the contract and the white paper. Aswell as the ICO documentation.

Token life after project

After the project, the token will have its own life, with Dex exchanges and possible use cases,
we shall propose goodies and services, payable in Bastion Tokens (with a discount, giving you a profit not available to those using fiat).
The bastion building will be visited, and Bastion tokens will be usable there also.

Together we are strong
The bastion will exist, thanks to our alliance

If you prefer to buy our tokens from other sources than waveplatform, you can contact us. We can accept cash (SEPA) or other cryptos.


# Legal notice

This is not an investment scheme or product.

This is a lease between two individuals, you and me.

In partnership with