Before starting, you need to know some informations:

1 Bastion = 0.01€

Bastion are token hosted on Waves blockchain

You need a Waves wallet before acquiring any, you may get oneby clicking the link right below, be sure to save your passwords and seed on a secure place, we are not responsible if you lose them. Do not reveal those passwords or seed to anyone, again we are not responsible of anything on that platform, we are simple users there, just like you.

Get a Wallet :


Direct purchase

You may buy bastion tokens directly from us at the fixed price via bank SEPA.

- Bank transfer, send any amount to :

  1. Name: Olivier Jacobs
  2. Number : BE61 0836 9657 7817
  4. Communication : donation for Bastion tokens to **************

Replace the *** by your wallet adress, and we shall credit your account with bastion tokens, 1 token per cent received.
Minimum amount = 10€

- Exchanging them on the waves platform

We have sell orders on the blockchain against euro and waves, check if the price is correct as it can fluctuate with other people buying/selling, you will make profit by buying them for less than 0.01€

- Crypto exchanges

We accept to sell our tokens for each crypto having a EURO pair on Kraken, contact us to know our adresses on that exchange.



You may send an email to us after sending any kind of funds, so we will have an eye on when it arrives and will send the tokens as soon as funds received and confirmed.