In Belgium, someone without a job is not supposed to earn money from professional activities.
We feel OK with this rule as we are not supporting people and projects to earn money, but because we love it. We feel useful and it brings a big smile on our face.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we spit on gifts and help. We have needs as everyone else, including the rent of this server, but also everyday life's spends...

Please note we are going to help you as much as we can, whatever you choose to do, our help is not linked to any donation.

This is how you can help us, if you choose to do so:


Steem is a very specific crypto. I advise you to have a look at it, even for crypto's noobs.
It's a nice way to enter a world which is going to rule our future.
Steem does not induce fees. Join us in this incredible ecosystem

As Steem is by far our prefered method, we deployed some tools to make your helping contribution easy.

Direct Transfers/ donations (you may replace SBD by STEEM if you like):

Power up our account (locking your donation for 13 weeks):

The previous 2 links are non refundable donations, but with steem you can choose to help us while keeping full control on your funds. The next link allows you to delegate some of your own voting power to us, you may cancel it at anytime, if you do so, count 7 days to see the SP back in your account.
Previous links pointed to my main personal account, this link will point to my project dedicated account

Warning: As a steemian you need to keep at least 10 full SP on your account to avoid any operation troubles, verify twice if you have enough SP before doing the delegation.

Delegate SteemPower :
Note : Setting 0 will undelegate all. Enter total amount you want to delegate as it will not sum up to what you already delegated, but will replace current delegation.

Other crypto's

The crypto world is now so wide, we couldn't have a wallet for each one of them. We decided to use shapeshift. You can send any of the available crypto's to our bitcoin cash wallet. If possible, please use donation as label


We have a dedicated bank account for donations:

  • Number : BE61 0836 9657 7817
  • Label : DONATION + whatever text you want.