Steem Mafia

Welcome to SteemMafia, in this game, we invite you to become the GodFather of your district. But beware, your ennemies won´t let you act without counter-striking!
Those ennemy gangs are of course other online players having the very same ambitions...
You may of course unite with some of them and build families, trying to become incivible and rule them all.
You will be the architect of your city, the boss regulating crimes, a drug producer and a pimp!
You will need to manage all aspects to become the true ruler, building your army, fight ennemies, shoot police helicopters, kill fierce mafia bosses and so on...
Are you ready ? Want to join this free to play game?


What does your city look like?


Here is what your city may look like, if you manage it well. You may click the picture to see it in full screen. or you may rush to SteemMafia to start building your own one.


Game Process

You will start in an almost empty, almost abandonned city. With a small revenue, your task will be to start building up. While doing this, you can perform crimes to increase your income. Each building you build has a special use, bringing special materials, allowing you to go gain in power.
Of course, you will gain levels at same time, unlocking even more powerful items, even a secondary city to develop while you reach level 100!
This game will bring you tons of gaming time, ant it is free to play.
Ready to build up?
Then just join us and hundreds of other players on SteemMafia